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Product Design The design team CHANEL soul, from the founder Ms. Gabrielle Chanel has been to design director for the Cheap Chanel Bags brand in recent years, known as Julius Caesar, Karl Lagerfeld, the fashion industry, adhering CHANEL elegant, simple and beautiful at the same time, total a steady stream of innovation, but has always maintained a "pure style of CHANEL. CHANEL product design characteristics showing its brand irreplaceable, but also can carry forward the strong brand culture. Most of the Chanel is manufactured with lambskin (or calf), cortex darker concavity. Chanel bags of stature is very stiff, no sense of collapse. In particular, sheepskin bags, not only feel good, and there will be a original leather smell. Not fake Chanel sheepskin, leather glare, flexibility is also poor. The double C logo Chanel Outlet Online of Chanel Cambon series is snakeskin do strong texture.   There is no doubt that Chanel's all product lines are high-end, so the price has been strong in the market of high-end status. CHANEL products, the change in the price trend is only likely to increase rather than decline. And CHANEL products almost no discounts. We can do an analysis of the following aspects CHANEL pricing strategy.
2 logo Most of the authentic Chanel logo is gold, and gold is very thick. Thin gold-plated false flag, although the color looks very bright gold, but easier to fade. As shown below, the imitation camellia double C logo rough work, and a far cry from double-C logo color yellowish serious and genuine flag gold-plated.
3 zipper The authentic Chanel zipper hook chain has a jewelry theme hooks, usually early in the Lion's Head or the famous double C-shaped. Heavier true weight zipper, shut the place is usually separated by sheep, and two-seam, feel very silky smooth, metal parts do not scrape hand. Fake Chanel zipper shut Department can see the traces of glue.
Crucial part of business development, an excellent overseas purchasing website, you need to have a unified and comprehensive purchasing service system, quality e-commerce platform, the Chanel Bags Outlet foreign branch, international express cooperative distribution centers, professional customer service staff, service centers throughout provide consumers with pre-sales consulting, order tracking, and post-sales support, can really buy concessions of foreign goods, so that Chinese consumers to enjoy a high quality lifestyle. However, purchasing sites quite a mixed bag, some low-quality purchasing sites often deceive customers and slander competitors phenomenon, leading to some new to the industry suffered damage on the effort and money. Special editing purchasing related notes, as well as purchasing the help documentation, allowing users to truly understand purchasing this industry, and benefit from it.
4 inside Authentic Chanel bag inside Chanel Handbag can see the words the bronzing Chanel Made in France / Italy. Inside the package with a small sticker, stickers printed with the computer print number, the number is the same number with the identity card number and the original box. Traces of fake stickers will be altered, the number is the electric typewriter up.
Distinguish Chanel tips: Chanel lamb leather bag leather smell and cars from the neat line to check the true and false. The most powerful authenticity of the points, Chanel bag in addition to the warranty card included, and the bag itself to print the same number outside, opened Chanel Bags for Sale a bag inside the bag carefully to find the bottom, you will find a fluorescent anti-counterfeit stickers to ensure that the card's serial number and anti-counterfeiting the same serial number on the sticker is the real thing.
CHANEL's products has always been to maintain the design features: Double C: the Chanel clothing buttons or buckles, you can easily find the overlap of Coco Chanel's double C logo designed, this is more Chanel fans crazy "spiritual symbol . " Diamond Check: from the first generation of Chanel leather goods more and more popular, the three-dimensional diamond-shaped car Check, had gradually become one of the symbols of Chanel, continue to be used in the new Chanel clothing and leather goods. Was even applied to the design of the watch, especially "matelassee" series, k gold and stainless steel metal bracelet, or even plastic to form a three-dimensional diamond checkered.
CHANEL is taking the high-end luxury Chanel Purses line, the quality of their products is always, well, fine, noble and luxury. The quality of their products is reflected from the inside out. Not only reflected in the exquisite workmanship, but also in its inherent design concept. CHANEL every piece of Chanel Bags merchandise is more like a work of art in a product, you will incredible to discover two opposing artistic style: unrestrained and dignified, both French romance, humor, another German rigorous, fine. This is entirely thanks to the genius of the design team and craftsmen Cherish flower order to manufacture such a fine product. Price Price

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